Team Development

In 1996 Team GB won one gold medal in Atlanta. Greg was there and saw how the team failed to come together and operated as individual silos. By 2012 Team GB had changed and Greg had the insight to see not just what happened, but how it happened. The change in performance was remarkable to win 29 gold medals in London.

Greg has put together a one-day program to help your team to come together like Team GB in 2012. Greg needed to look honestly at his past in order to understand what he could do better. He will ask you and your team to do the same. He needed to be clear on his personal vision and see how the larger team could help or potentially hinder his progress. He understands that all individuals in a team need to have their own goals and have a line of sight to the goals of the team and a belief in the value of their organization.

Greg Searle in GB Rowing Team_ April 2012

Greg understands that in order to achieve big goals and challenges there is a need for determination and focus. In 2010 he and the GB eight realized they had the opportunity to be World-beaters and established a set of behaviours required in order to deliver their best. They called these ‘Gold Medal Behaviour’ and they brought them into everything they did. Greg will work with your team to establish what you need to hold yourselves accountable to.

What format does it take and how would a typical programme of sessions play out?

A one or two day session for an intact team or group from across the company. The day could take place in any environment from the office to the Olympic Rowing Course at Eton Dorney.

Why book Greg?

It can be summed up in two words – Performance and Experience. Greg has a unique insight into how Team GB changed and he has the experience, expertise and humility as a consultant, to translate this for others.

“I worked with Greg on a number of team builds and coaching activities. For someone who has achieved so much Greg’s natural modesty and humility allow him to interact well at all levels and get the best out of the groups and teams he is dealing with. Greg?s got some great experiences that correlate well with the challenges many leaders face, dealing with adversity, sustaining performance and building great teams. Greg can illuminate these subjects and challenge the audience to firstly reflect and then create change options for the future in a very motivating way.”  David Kennell, Head of Organisational Capability – Nestle UK

“Greg did a great job of influencing key stakeholders and his team to develop the Lead2Win program at Nestle UK and Ireland. He provided a great vision of where he wanted Nestle to be and gave the appropriate level of support and challenge to us, as partners, and his team. He wasn’t afraid to ensure we drove real behavioural change and was prepared to innovate and develop in order to give the best result for all those involved in the program.” Stephen Battalia, Head of Team HR – Nestle UK


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