Here’s what some of our clients say about working with Greg…

“I thought Greg’s keynote was exceptional. Carefully delivered, well researched in terms of the needs of the audience, extremely well crafted, balancing content between sporting achievement and wider performance themes. The slides were informative and included theory models which worked very well with this type of Business School audience. I think the ‘break out’ sections with the audience worked well and no mean achievement to do that with 170 people in the room and the timing was pretty much perfect. Again, it was a pretty long intervention and to time it that well was really impressive.“


“We really enjoyed the day with Greg who brought some really interesting and relevant insights to the Shell Contracting and Procurement Team. Greg’s manner and style was very professional and he very much inspired the audience. He left us with great food for thought, allowing us to think of our challenges in ways that a professional athlete does and succeeds. His presentation was much enjoyed by everyone.”

Shell UK C &P Team

“Greg has attended and presented at a number of internal and external meetings, supporting us in engaging, inspiring and entertaining attendees with his personal experiences and insights. On each occasion, Greg gauged our requirements well and adapted his messages with ease and style. The feedback has unanimously been extremely positive and his inspiration resonates for a long time subsequently.”

Regional Director, HSBC

“The feedback on your session yesterday has been universally positive. They’re sometimes a hard crowd to please but, as someone described it, you had them mesmerised! I think everyone took away their own message to put into practice back in the office.  Thanks for working with me to get the session prepared and I very much hope to see you back at Sky sometime.”

Information Technology and Services, Sky

“I just wanted to personally thank you for your outstanding contribution to the recent Macmillan Professionals’ Conference. I though the Excellence Awards Ceremony was flawless and many professionals and staff members have commented on their enjoyment of the evening and how it moved them. I also think your motivational session on the final day was an excellent conclusion to the conference with all of us leaving feeling motivated and committed to Macmillan’s work. Thank you once again.”

Macmillan Cancer Support

Thank you for your quite brilliant contribution to our leadership conference last week – we so enjoyed having you with us and thank you for being so generous with your time. We have had terrific feedback across all disciplines and organisations and many have commented on how inspired they were by your session which was delivered in such a skilful, fun and personal way. One of our team leaders was delighted wanted me to pass on the following feedback… ‘It was well worth attending on my day off! A great learning experience with exceptional guest speakers.’ I plan to talk with senior leaders to see how we can further develop our learning from the day and hope we can explore involving you further in the future.”

NHS – South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare

“On behalf of the Home Office, I would like to thank you for the inspirational, thought-provoking and engaging session you lead for us. I’ve never been that close to a gold medal before –  it was an honour! We have had amazing feedback from the session and it’s created a real buzz around the possibilities you spoke about – If not now, when?. This is particularly apt for us and I know Peter Kane in his round-up this week is urging everyone to take a leaf out of your book and begin to go that extra mile. Once again, thank you for a truly memorable and inspiring evening.”

Leadership Capability & Change Team, Home Office

“I worked with Greg on a number of team builds and coaching activities. For someone who has achieved so much Greg’s natural modesty and humility allow him to interact well at all levels and get the best out of the groups and teams he is dealing with. Greg’s got some great experiences that correlate well with the challenges many leaders face, dealing with adversity, sustaining performance and building great teams. Greg can illuminate these subjects and challenge the audience to firstly reflect and then create change options for the future in a very motivating way”.

Head of Organisational Capability, Nestle UK

“Hello Greg, you are an extraordinary person and I am extremely proud of you (not that you need me to say that.) I remember listening to you a few years ago saying just how much you wanted to be in your hometown Olympics and now you are. I think you are an amazing example of everything you teach and espouse. I recently saw you and your brother on TV and thought is was great to see you then (previous Games) and now, of course looking even younger. You have done it, the time, determination, effort, drive, the future you envisaged – how fantastic. I wish you every success I will be watching you very closely. Good luck and thanks for all your support”.

HR Director at LOCOG

“I have worked with Greg Searle on a number of occasions such as customer meetings, team development workshops, and Olympic planning sessions and he has always been an inspirational and charismatic individual. Greg’s achievements are phenomenal yet he continues to be a polite and superbly unassuming individual. I shall definitely be looking to work with Greg again and can thoroughly recommend him as a top class person to work with”.

Coca Cola

“Greg is a unique individual who has achieved far more than many athletes and yet he is incredibly humble of his achievements. His blend of confidence and humility endears him to all who meet him. However, it is his generosity, not only in encouraging and inspiring other athletes but in transferring that skill to Celaton’s world with such a relevant and meaningful approach. His depth and breadth of experience in both sport and business shines through in the way he engages with my entire team. He is a role model to many in my company and I’m proud of his involvement in Celaton and hugely impressed with the impact he continues to have in my company”.


“How to sum up Greg?  its got to be OARS

Open – has great personal stories and experiences, which really help bring the theories to life

Approachable & Adaptable, he has connected with everyone in our business from shop floor to MD, in a number of different capacities


Supportive, really wants to help organisations/teams/individuals grow and has indeed helped improve our performance”

“Greg has really helped us to understand what being a high performing organisation is all about and has helped me personally be a much better facilitator. He is also a very inspirational speaker with real presence, tempered by an obvious humility, who has connected with everyone in our organisation”.

HR Nestle Cereal Partners UK

“Very powerful session which I could relate to, lots of good tips on changes to teams and circumstances, Excellent.”

“Inspirational and an interesting insight into how sports psychology could translate into business.”

“Greg Searle was inspirational – an excellent speaker.”

CoreNET Global

“Performing During Change – best session of the day.”  


Greg absolutely blew the audience away.  He related sports to business in a way I have not seen a speaker do in the past. He has been a true professional and gent to deal with, thank you so much.”

Clydesdale Bank

“Greg delivered his presentation in a very personable and professional way. Greg presented his material well. Piece around emotional engagement was thought provoking.”


“Greg’s approach was authentic, relaxed, approachable, humorous, professional and relevant. Whilst Greg’s story in itself was inspiring, what was equally impressive and much appreciated was the effort he put in to adapt it and personalise it to suit our language, challenges and situation. Greg created a strong bond and rapport with the audience.  Without exception, every person I have spoken to was impressed, inspired and energised. He helped us build an energy, enthusiasm and platform to drive our business forward in the New Year.”

Home improvement company

“Everyone is still buzzing from Greg’s inspirational session..”

Keith Wishart, Cosine UK

“Greg’s very happy to share stories of how he got it wrong as well as how he got it right, which you don’t always get from people who’ve been as successful as he has.”

Head of Customer Marketing, Pfizer UK

“It was so inspirational to hear you speak, not simply of trophies and being the best you can be, but of successes and failures, personal struggles and outstanding commitment and bravery. We have taken inspiration from you and from Team GB, and are now thinking about all the different disciplines contributing to the OnePfizer Team. Thank you for some simple messages which can make a big difference, we are striving to go 0.2seconds faster every day!” 

Customer Operations Director, Pfizer UK

“Greg is an incredibly inspirational speaker – the approach he takes in ‘rooting’ his reflections on over 20 years of learnings in Sport are easily applied to individuals and companies seeking high performance. He both inspires, enthuses and supports change through sharing techniques and approaches that are remembered way beyond the event.”  

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