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Greg’s highly emotional, entertaining and unique sporting stories cover a range of topics including:



Emotional connection

Resilience and adaptability.

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To perform in the London 2012 Olympic team, Greg needed to look honestly at his past in order to understand what he could do better. He will ask you and your team to do the same. He needed to be clear on his personal vision and see how the larger team could help or potentially hinder his progress. He understands that all individuals in a team need to have their own goals and have a line of sight to the goals of the team and a belief in the value of their organization.

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Greg is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. He draws upon his experience of working as a Chartered Surveyor and a Consultant with Lane4 Management Group, where he has coached in the areas of FMCG at Coca-Cola Enterprises and Nestle, Leisure at RCI Group, Financial Services at Visa, DrKW, and in Retail at Argos.

Greg’s coaching is built on his personal journey of winning Olympic gold at 20 years old, then returning to join a younger team in 2012 and recognising his success in winning Olympic Bronze. These achievements were only possible because Greg had the ability to adapt to the demands of each situation and emotionally connect with his teammates and coach to deliver the best possible performance.

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Greg works with his partners in a number of ways, ranging from endorsements, ambassador programmes through to speaking, consulting and hospitality.

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