Rowing Team Days

Want Greg on your side?

“Taking people out in a rowing boat is a fantastic way to change the dynamic of a team and encourages individuals to support and trust each other to move their boat in harmony.” Greg Searle

The Greg Searle Rowing Team Day will see you and your team take to the water at Eton Dorney, the London 2012 Olympic venue, to learn about each other as you row in harmony. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to be coached by an Olympic champion whose experiences as an athlete and an executive coach will genuinely help you to become a winning team. Rowing is an activity everyone can participate in and is a great way for teams to truly connect in this unique high performance environment away from the office.

Greg Searle Rowing Team Day

This is a team-building event that guarantees long-lasting results by:

– Providing you with Greg’s sporting and business insights to inspire your performance

– Helping your team to really work together and give their best in a supportive and fun environment

– Giving you the time and space to learn from each other and develop strong connections

– Building confidence through a combination of mental and physical challenge

Who is this day for?

Any teams or groups who want to try something different and learn valuable lessons to take back into their working and personal – lives. Rowing is a fantastic way to get individuals to look at their own behaviour/actions and how they then impact on the rest of the team. It can be used as a metaphor for day to day working and provides a platform to compare how your behaviour may differ when you are in this new environment rather then the office.

Why you should attend

Attendees will have an unforgettable experience on Eton Dorney lake where Britain enjoyed such success in London 2012. But as well as great memories of being coached by an Olympic champion in this environment, the day will challenge participants? mindsets so everyone will go away with clear ideas about how to improve individual and team performances in the workplace and beyond

What you will take away from the day

The day combines coaching both on and off the water in a fun, safe yet challenging environment. Participants will benefit from Greg?s unique combination of executive and rowing coaching experience and will ultimately have a chance to race against each other!! All concerns about fitness, age, health and fears of water can be addressed prior to the event and the coxing role is also available if anyone has a good reason not to row..

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“Greg’s very happy to share stories of how he got it wrong as well as how he got it right, which you don’t always get from people who’ve been as successful as he has.”

Keith Wishart, Cosine UK